About me

I am was a lecturer in vocational education. My subject was “management”. In other words I taught “applied management”. I am also a PhD candidate with an interest in corporate social responsibility, employee engagement and dignity.

I am now spending the rest of the year, full time, to finish this project.

This photographic WordPress blog is to share my interest and development with photography. I sometimes toy with simple manipulation of images but my objective is to capture the subject as naturally as possible. I would like to reach a standard of proficiency that goes beyond the camera (Fujifilm x100 and Fuji X-Pro1) and demonstrates some creativity.

Thank you to those who follow, I am certainly inspired by others.

Β© Andrew Kidd – All rights reserved. Do not use or reproduce photographs without permission.



45 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking my photo challenge this week. I am a retired educator, vocational secondary education was my primary subject area. I enjoyed looking at several blog posts. Nice work!


    1. Hi Pragya, thank you for your nomination, much appreciated. However I have to explain I am a WordPress person who wishes to share but mainly to learn from others. I have no wish to be part of awards and apologise for not making this obvious earlier.
      Thanks for the thought and all the best.
      cheers Andy


  2. Hi there. I have thought of a Fuji with the X-trans sensor as my second and smaller camera, but the Fujis were a little too pricey for me. I’ve just acquired a Samsung NX1000 at run-out pricing and have a NX 30mm F2 lens on order – kind of a poor man’s X100! In due course, I’ll do a post on what I think of it.


    1. Thanks Dan, much appreciated. I am working on it. the camera is a joy to use. I agree with the “like everything” button, there is so much talent on WordPress it keeps everyone on their toes. I enjoy your post as well, its good to see what is happening on your side of the World.


  3. Hey Andy
    Nice of you to ‘like’ my pages…I’ve just started using film again for the first time in years…..I haven’t posted much yet but seeing blogs like yours make me want to get busy with film as soon as I can…
    Keep it up.
    Regards Stuart


    1. Hi Dean, I have disabled one on sustainability because I did not keep it up to date. Another one I have is on my PhD progress which is about my reflection on how it is going. I haven’t one on employee engagement because it is such a big topic and I have to focus on researching the PhD – sorry about that. If you are on LinkedIn there are groups on employee engagement.


  4. Enjoy your work here. I served a number of years in prison for Marijuan charges and books on photography helped sustain me. Art, Poetry on any level really. I’ve begun a Blog and if you’ve ever the time, please give it a look see. Am actively seeking advice from thsoe further along the path than I. Be well. Jeff


  5. Andy, I’m fearfully confused about commenting on any of your posts: I don’t seem to be able to, regardless of others’ having already done so.
    Would you let me in to how I can do on posts what I’m doing on a page ?


      1. That is very pleasant to read: there are so often things I would like to open my big mouth about on your blog. πŸ™‚


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