Evil Olive

We visited friends at their apartment in Glenelg. Glenelg spelt backwards is glenelG, funnily enough.

Graeme straddles that rocky area between landscape gardener and academic. Enough research for two or three PhDs and some cutting edge projects with green walls and roofs. He is also a bike rider with enough broken bones to be considered experienced or competitive. He used to row. Not sure if he ever played hockey. hockey players all have broken noses and thick skulls as they mature. Graeme does not have a broken nose though. Christine is an artist returning to pottery. Sensible head on her shoulders.

Graeme cooked the meal.DSCF1113

Then we went for a walk along the beach. That’s a plane flying out top right – Melbourne bound. Very beachy.


Back towards the lock area where the dredger pumps the sand away from the opening. Through the frame with chain.


Imaginary view from the dredge.


Nicely coloured concrete.


Then we spent the evening viewing the sunset for an hour or so. Crikey, what a beauty!


Apricot pie for dessert, plus lemon sorbet with Thai and Sweet basil. There was a wine or two as well.




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