Gallery opening – Samstag

The “do it” exhibition opened last evening at the Samstag Museum. I left my trusty Fujifilm x100 at home but after a while remembered my phone can also take pictures. I thought this because the crowd was interesting and smart phone photos were happening elsewhere. So with my trusty Lumia 925 I joined in. It was the sort of crowd that I liked, all enjoying themselves and having a quiet wine as well – no cheese and biccies unfortunately. Some of the crowd and exhibits. Here it is.

4 thoughts on “Gallery opening – Samstag

    1. haha, I may have to go back because I just put a scrawl on the wall.Every time i see a colourful/designer hat I think if Biggus. Good to see you back. I will be taking a break soon to clear the decks.


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