City West UniSA

Taken whilst waiting.

Staircase City West Campus
Staircase City West Campus

2 thoughts on “City West UniSA

  1. I’ve actually been to that campus (my younger sister was a Professor Dr there), but I don’t recall seeing that fine set of stairs. Probably just your excellent photography, Andy …
    On another note – with apologies, a more egocentric one – have you tried again to make comments on the private site ? If you have, and are still failing, I must assume you use either the (ugh !) Reader or a phone for visiting purposes. My marvellously helpful friend Heather (“H”) has posted a fair bit of info. among various comments about all that; but her most recent effort is in those that follow a post called ‘The Crow’, and starts loking like this:

    If that doesn’t help, I wish you’d let me know exactly what you’re trying to do with what and where, and I’ll have H FIX IT ! 😀


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