Second Valley

Rock formations, jetty and sea.

DSCF0429_DxO DSCF0473_DxO DSCF0452_DxO


6 thoughts on “Second Valley

  1. GLORIOUS striations, Andy ! One never thinks of rock as beautiful; but that one’s different. The middle one looks like a shot from “Broadchurch”; and the last like the NSW south coast somewhere. And all in SA ! 🙂

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  2. Hi, and thanks for the recent Likes. Your recent posts have encouraged me to revisit some images I took at Second Valley a while back. Have decided to reprocess them as I decided my first effort was a little heavy handed on the adjustment sliders. Part way through and will post to Photo Morsels hopefully next few days.

    Certain serendipity with your focus (sorry, unintended pun) on the rock formations down there as the day I visited Second Valley I was under ‘instructions’ from my son who needed certain rock structures photographed for his Year 12 Geology assignment.

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