Sellicks Beach

Not much of a beach at Sellicks Beach. A new jetty and a disused quarry.

Edit: Actually this is Rapid Bay, thanks aussiesouthlander 🙂

Old jetty and recreational fisher!
Old jetty and recreational fisher!
Old quarry fenced off
Old quarry fenced off
The new jetty
The new jetty

6 thoughts on “Sellicks Beach

  1. It reminds me a bit of when Stringer and I drove across from Sydney to Perth in our wonderful new 4Runner; these scenes are reminiscent of some of the coastal places we saw … Oz is bloody fabulous ! Thanks, Andy ! 🙂

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  2. Nice coastline down that way. I think you might find the above images are of Rapid Bay rather than Sellicks Beach. The old jetty was once used by BHP to ship limestone mined from just behind the buildings seen in photo #2. A popular fishing jetty, it was ultimately condemned as unsafe by the Government some years after BHP abandoned the mine and access was closed and it was to be pulled down. Fishermen raised a stink and the new jetty was built in response purely for recreational use. It’s also a good diving spot and divers didn’t want the old structure removed as it was home for lots of seaweeds and fish. So it looks like that’s been left alone. Leafy sea dragons can be found in the waters down there. I can recall catching a good sized barracouta off the old jetty in the late 70’s.

    Down past Rapid Bay is Second Valley which can be really photogenic in the right light.

    Sellicks is closer to Adelaide, just past Aldinga. I occasionally walk my dog down there in winter. This photo series captured one of those walks. Photo Morsels – Walking the dog

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