12 thoughts on “Sellicks Beach – Summer Grass (Actually Rapid Bay)

    1. No, rocky under thin soil. like this “These mainly marine sediments were deposited along the eastern margin of the then existing land mass, relatively thin shallow water shelf sediments in the western part, and thicker deposits that accumulated in deeper water to the east. Subsequently these sediments were subjected to powerful mountain-building forces – they were folded, uplifted and intruded by molten rock (magma) which crystallized to form bodies of granite.” Thought you might be interested – careof the Geological Society of Australia (South Australian Division)

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  1. To M-R: By South Australian standards, the area in this photo is pretty lush and reasonably high rainfall, with lots of dairy farming in the near vicinity. South Australia has a very distinct Mediterranean climate: cool, moist winters and dry warm to hot summers. Most of the arable land browns off over summer. A few 44C days like we had at the start of January sure helps to brown off the pasture. You won’t be the first to think this area is in terrible drought when it isn’t. But it was a dry spring this year, and the spring pasture growth was rather poor down that way. Looks like it’s been well grazed by sheep as well. Does green up nicely in winter. Friend’s property a few miles further south has re-greened up after 40mm or so of rain received just after the really hot days in early January and mild days experienced subsequently.


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