Tour Down Under

Adelaide’s Tour!

Luke Rowe from Team Sky.

Luke Rowe
Luke Rowe
What it's all about!
What it’s all about!

5 thoughts on “Tour Down Under

      1. All I heard was the whoosh. My understanding is that as long as you (any non bike rider) makes consistent predictable moves all is well. Photographically speaking !! I had a lot of failures, unless you count blurred images a success. Some I like but wouldn’t put up on WP. How is your creativity in the cold Winter months?


      2. Hey–artful blur is always good. Crop your shots so it looks like you meant them to look like that. ๐Ÿ™‚
        I was shooting the shipyard in the dark two nights ago and that was beyond wonderful. I’ll be playing with the results for the next several days.


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