Economic life

Here we go. The wheels of the economy start to turn again.

Hutt Street 0700 hrs
Hutt Street 0700 Hrs

12 thoughts on “Economic life

  1. No, I shan’t ‘like’ that frame, Andy: the pairing of the construction crane and a beautiful old building maketh me mad …


    1. With my “walk up close” zoom lens, no on site access and – let’s say reticence – to be photographed by workers, it would have to be out of work hours. Remote but possible.


  2. Also my comment about reticence was ambiguous. I would not mind being photographed by workers, but they might not. Elegance of writing not a strong point. Have you ventured out yet?


    1. Hi Su, apartments in this street. I’ll see if I can find an “artists impression” of the building. My favourite menswear shop is in this area and it’s called “Hobos” which reflects the life before gentrification

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      1. They don’t have a women’s department do they? Sounds perfect for me! I think I live in the last bit of Auckland to be apartment-free, though I don’t expect that will last much longer 😦 and to think, we were the rural fringe.


  3. Unfortunately not. My wife wishes they did as well. The owners partner opened a woman’s shop nearby but it didn’t last. In my area we have a Resident’s Association to which I belong, that now has a voice on Council. Unfortunately the State Government has all but removed Council input to development.


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