Fahrenheit 98.6

A very dangerous day in South Australia, with catastrophic bush fires, high temperatures and high winds. Declared a Major Emergency. Also coming with a change thunderstorm activity with some rain but also lightning.

Check this live feed http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-01-03/bushfires-threaten-sa2c-vic-live-blog/5998270

Many offers of help to take pets and livestock, the best of people comes out. Our volunteer firefighters are on the job and also the metropolitan fire service.

Safe where we are, but smokey. Warning for bike riders not to ride into the Hills !!!!

Warning for players on golf course in fire path to get their evacuation plan into action!!!!

I don’t normally have much to say on this WordPress site, but no one image of mine can sum up the feelings. Here’s the sky at the time.

Just the sky
Just the sky

5 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 98.6

  1. Is that where you are, then – Adelaide ? Or elsewhere in SA ? Did you ever see that drama series on the ABC – “Rain Shadow” ? I thought it totally engrossing, but it didn’t rate. I never understand ratings.
    ANYWAY. It underlined the dreadful drought conditions you guys experience so often …


      1. Pity. I thought the producers got across the eternal sense of lack of rain behind everything going on, really well …


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