Quiet Country Town

Country Cottage Macclesfield
Boutique Beer Plant
Boutique Beer Plant
Macclesfield Pub
Macclesfield Pub
Pink Marble
Macclesfield Institute

6 thoughts on “Quiet Country Town

  1. These are lovely. What is the material used for the Institute?…such a rich rose color.
    I don’t want to sound an Intervention Alarm, but you’ve often featured wineries and breweries. Perhaps next a bucolic series on quaint crack houses?
    (I know…it’s called Evil Olive’s, right?) 🙂


  2. Yes, this is the local pink marble. Most of the early buildings used this stone, and it was used in the staircase of the Adelaide (Capital of South Oz.) Town Hall.
    I made the mistake of ordering some wine from another region before we journeyed here. So had to hold back. But there is one we visited that will appear soon.
    Speaking of quaint crack houses, our sign writing was finished this week.


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