Last of the road trip

the last bridge to cross from NSW to Victoria, then on to Adelaide. This all took place before the REALLY hot weather. This bridge is at Tooleybuc, a no coffee shop town, but with a general store with two people not in good humour with each other. She asked what we wanted without ever a smile, he manned the coffee machine and produced an excuse for a coffee. We partook on the lawn and got down and personal with the bridge. It would be worth looking into the history of these bridges, of the same design. Maybe now I have finished reading my book, but I procrastinate!

DSCF0430_Crop1 DSCF0431 DSCF0431_Crop2

This is the last of these “road trip” photos. Time to move on … creatively speaking!

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4 thoughts on “Last of the road trip

  1. Some situations are bitter when face to face but actually make pretty good memories! I like your little story in the shop that makes “excuses of coffees”! A book about bridges?


  2. Actually I want to write a photo/book about the Murray and these little stories are interesting. I actually have another story about Tooleybuc that goes back to my youth that does not reflect well on me as a sober member of society 😇


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