Clare Valley in Black and White

I like B&W and I like colour. Here are varied B&W aspects of the Clare Valley South Australia.


4 thoughts on “Clare Valley in Black and White

  1. Nice series of B&W conversions. Particularly like the first shot from Spring Gully. Neagles Rock also works well as a B&W image. What have you done with the Back Road to Pikes Winery image? I looked at the full-res file and there looks to be some post-processing softening of the image with that one.


    1. Thanks for checking it out and going to the trouble of looking at the full res file. Yes, what I had done was use a highlighted version of the original image (using Topaz Adjust) then I converted that to Black and White (Topaz B&W Effects) – too much obviously. When I went back to the original then converted to B&W the softening had not occurred – much better. I use Topaz Labs because they have had some specials and quite cheap. I’d love the more expensive options but can’t justify for my purposes. Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it. Cheers Andy


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