APT7 Brisbane 2013

The Asia Pacific Triennial has reached its 20th Anniversary, this was our first visit but it won’t be the last. We were motivated to see this in full after hearing about and viewing some of the exhibits from the previous APT, for example this one,

Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, “Lightening for Neda” has used mirrored glass tiles on a 3D structure to represent the six virtues using sixteenth century Iranian decorative techniques. Other exhibits at the time of our visit suggested APT7 was to be a “not to be missed” exhibition. And it lived up to expectations.

Entry into GOMA is marked by a full-scale facade of a PNG initiation house for boys moving into manhood. The boys enter through the small womb like tunnel and stay three or so days in the spirit house to absorb local art and custom. The house stands about 15 meters.

There is much more at APT7, and I shall follow-up with more photos of exhibits that caught attracted our interest. Hear more here from ABC Radio National.


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